Good Choices Lead to a Happy Life

The Path to Happiness

A Life well lived

     by Lee Miller

One of the secrets of a life well lived is to take time each day to look at what you have to be grateful for. Look at the happiness and the blessings that you have received in life. Review how you want to spend the rest of your life. Make one of your decisions to be happy. What makes you happy?

Follow a few of the links and think on the information given.  The information may seem very simple.  Perhaps living a simple life is a path.

One simple decision at a life changing and difficult time in my life has led me to the life that I now live.  The decision that I made at that time was that I wanted to be happy.  Being happy became a life changing goal in my life.  Imagine having a life goal of being happy... 

I ultimately found myself with each life decision, even the small decisions, asking myself - will this choice lead me to a life of happiness.  This question became a moment by moment part of my life to make each of my decisions by asking will this lead to my happiness.  Join me in seeking the path to happiness.

I now live a life of happiness and bliss. 

Do what is best for you!

Follow your inner knowing...


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